Stewart "Neutron Stew" Cannon

I began playing guitar at the age of 14 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I played in the usual cover bands in my high school years, and jammed my way through various blues rock bands throughout the 70's. At the beginning of 1979, I was invited by a friend to move to Houston, Texas and join his new punk band, AK-47. The band released a somewhat infamous single, "The Badge Means You Suck", in 1980. I was with AK-47 for several years, billed as "Neutron Stew", and did stints with other bands in Houston during the 1980's, most notable The Banks (who released the single "I Don't Understand") and The Band of Daves.

I played around in my MIDI studio and other toys in my home studio throughout the 90's, but kept my chops up, and met Cathy and got married and worked as a computer programmer.

So now its a new century, and I have decided to pick up where I l left off...still playin', still rockin', and still PISSED OFF.